About Suncrest Neighborhood Association.


Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, Suncrest is a great place to live.

We have it all because we have the people making it great! To see the fun we have in our community, check out these Picnic Photos.

Tree-lined streets, green parks and play areas, quiet neighborhoods, outstanding schools, world-renowned health care and plenty of cultural amenities. The Suncrest Neighborhood has this and more, including the Suncrest Neighborhood Association. We were founded on the belief that friendly neighborhoods and responsible community development are key.

We are your liaison, your watchdog and your resource. We provide a link to city government. We fight to protect neighborhoods. And we can provide you with support, friendship and advice on neighborhood issues.

We welcome you to Morgantown, the Suncrest Neighborhood and to our association. Your input on our community and its well-being and your participation in the association are encouraged. Please join us in our mission to provide the best our neighborhood can offer.

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