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The SNA Meetings provide an opportunity to learn about the current status of several efforts to improve our community.

The usual meeting time occurs on the last Thursday of every month. We gather at the Calvary Baptist Church. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM, with a pre-meeting social beginning at 6:30 PM.

Collins Ferry Road The October 2004 WVDOH traffic study report was discussed. As noted at the January 2005 SNA meeting, this report recommends changes at the intersection of Collins Ferry Road with University Avenue that seem incomplete (Baldwin Street is not in redesign of intersection) and undesired (University to Collins Ferry is the main road). Roy Nutter reported that the City Traffic Commission also had questions about the proposed design. Roy noted that this topic could be on the agenda for the April meeting of the Traffic Commission. A motion was made, seconded and approved that the SNA prepared a memo expressing the SNA concern about the proposed design for Roy and Don Spencer to share with the Traffic Commission.

Stormwater Problems The SNA Stormwater Group has been an active participant in the bi-weekly meetings of the Suncrest stormwater stakeholders held at the MUB office building on the Greenbag Road. The SNA Stormwater Group presented an alternative design to the design proposed by MUB for mitigating flooding in neighborhoods near Poponoe Run and Burroughs Run. The main emphasis for these alternative plans is to further reduce flooding in the neighborhood at the lower section of Burroughs Run and in the church-home-business section of Poponoe Run along Patteson Drive.

Neighborhood Safety City Police Chief Phil Scott shared news about two new initiatives by the MPD: 1) police officers will interact more with neighborhoods through involvement with associations such as SNA and 2) police officers will be assigned as street units to specific neighborhoods during non-traditional times for crime prevention endeavors such as search and seize. Pedestrian Safety Kay Lotspiech reported that the pedestrian walk lights at the Kroger-Eat /Park intersection were not operational (Morgantown Police Chief Scott will check). Chief Scott received an invitation from a Suncrest resident for police cars to park in his driveway at Dogwood Avenue to better monitor speeding on his neighborhood streets. Edna Dillon inquired about more use of speed control devices, such as speed ramps (not compatible with snow plowing?). Bill Bryant commented that many of today’s drivers exhibit a huge disregard for traffic laws. Phil Comer and others remarked that concerns continue about some residential aspects at 316 Laurel Street (Chief Scott will check).

Enhanced Fire ServicesThe SNA was reminded that residents of Suncrest can assist the City consider a new fire station in northern Morgantown by identifying potential property for the site. Extention to West Run Road Recently, Mayor Ron Justice has expressed considerable appreciation for the proposed extension of Collins Ferry Road out to West Run Road and then on to a new Poultry Farm Connector to I-68. Ron, who is Chairman of the MPO, seemed to view these roadways as an attractive opportunity to enhance traffic flow in much of northern Morgantown.

Suncrest Sign The neighbors have encouraged SNA and the city to define a neighborhood sign for Suncrest.