Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety


Kay Lotspiech reported that the pedestrian walk lights at the Kroger-Eat /Park intersection were not operational (Morgantown Police Chief Scott will check).

Chief Scott received an invitation from Marty Dombrowski for police cars to park in his driveway at 1346 Dogwood Avenue to better monitor speeding on his neighborhood streets.

Edna Dillon inquired about more use of speed control devices, such as speed ramps (not compatible with snow plowing?).

Bill Bryant commented that many of today’s drivers exhibit a huge disregard for traffic laws. Phil Comer and others remarked that concerns continue about some residential aspects at 316 Laurel Street (Chief Scott will check).


Betty McClain brought a report from Teresa Miller to the Choir Room before the SNA meeting. In the report, Teresa said that she visited with available residents along Laurel Street on Sunday January 23rd. Her report showed that 15 residents signed the petition to construct the sidewalk. She reported that five residents did not want a sidewalk. Thank you Teresa for getting the petition started.


Report of Pedestrian Safety in Suncrest: John Duarte presented his very well prepared ‘Laurel Street Sidewalk Perspectives’ with slides and a handout. John described the principles for his design of a safe pedestrian path along Laurel Street to connect the neighborhood to schools, stores, banks, churches and parks. A motion to proceed with plans for such a sidewalk was made and seconded, and passed by voice vote. John Lemley is expected to lead a Laurel Street effort to obtain approvals from its residents for construction of the sidewalk.


Report of Pedestrian Safety in Suncrest: John Duarte shared the main reasons (it’s a human thing) and values (it’s a health thing) for people to have access to places to walk. John used examples from other streets in Morgantown that have sidewalks to explain his recommendation that a stand-alone sidewalk be build along the odd-numbered side of Laurel Street, on the City’s right-of-way and behind the ‘street furniture’ (signs, etc). A motion to propose such a sidewalk to the City was made and seconded, and passed by voice vote; John Lemley volunteered to write this letter to the City. John Duarte noted that the City needs to construct a sidewalk along Pocahontas Avenue in order for pedestrians to walk safely from Laurel Street to Collins Ferry Road.


Report on Neighborhood Safety: Ed Sneckenberger was able to observe the drawings of previously proposed sidewalks for Laurel Street in the Office of the City Engineer. Plans are to further pursue the subject of sidewalks for Laurel Street as well as the general topic of pedestrian safety, including crosswalks, at the next SNA Meeting.