Living in the Suncrest Neighborhood comes with many amenities, including an outstanding school system that prepares students for college and life.

Suncrest students attend three or four schools throughout their K-12 education, starting at Suncrest Primary School or North Elementary School, depending on where they live. Parents can call the schools to find out where their child should enroll.

  • Suncrest Primary School
    523 Junior Ave. (new location soon)
    (304) 291-9347
  • Suncrest Primary School has one of the lowest teacher to student ratios, at 14 students to every teacher, allowing your children to learn in an intimate, caring environment. Children attend Suncrest Primary from kindergarten through third grade, then move on to North Elementary for the start of their fourth-grade year.

  • North Elementary School
  • 825 Chestnut Ridge Road
  • (304) 291-9280
  • North Elementary school boasts the second highest number of teachers with a master’s +45, at 43 percent, providing your children with a high quality education from some of the most experienced teachers in the county. The school received a 2003 Gold Star Award for its strong partnership with HealthWorks Rehab & Fitness.

  • Suncrest Middle School
  • 360 Baldwin St.
  • (304) 291-9335
  • Suncrest Middle School offers a challenging curriculum with experienced teachers and one of the lowest teacher to pupil ratios in the county, at nearly 13 students to every one teacher. In September 2004, Suncrest Middle School was honored by being chosen as a No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon School award winner. The school’s web site is updated and designed by its eighth-grade computer graphics class.

  • Morgantown High School
  • 109 Wilson Ave.
  • (304) 291-9269
  • Morgantown High School students learn from experienced teachers in a secure environment. The average ACT composite score is 20.9, with an average SAT math score of 528 and verbal 539.

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